your investment

Custom photography is a treasure that will stay with you for a lifetime. The moments captured of your little one will help bring back all the wonderful memories of them and all of their precious little details at each stage in their life.

There are many intricate pieces that go into creating quality images that you can cherish forever. Each session represents hours of preparation prior, during and after the session. Every image is a reflection of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, props and software to produce and edit the images. My goal is to deliver a top quality product to each and every client. This means every image is the result of countless hours of work, practice, patience and education. Finally, there are also costs involved in running a legitimate business; continuing education, supplies, equipment, props, taxes, insurance, marketing, and so on. Each session fee is carefully calculated, taking all of these aspects of custom photography into consideration.

I would love nothing more than to capture all your precious details of your family, and help create something that will preserve the memories for a lifetime.